DotNet [add child]
The September, 2004 release brings .NET FitNesse much closer to parity with java FitNesse. For documentation on specific features run the tests in ^SuiteAcceptanceTests and view the docs within those tests.

To enable .Net FitNesseTests, define the following variables like so:

!define COMMAND_PATTERN {%m %p}
!define TEST_RUNNER {dotnet\FitServer}
!define PATH_SEPARATOR {;}
variable defined: COMMAND_PATTERN=%m %p
variable defined: TEST_RUNNER=dotnet\FitServer
variable defined: PATH_SEPARATOR=;

The classpath should be modified to list the .dll files that should be loaded.
classpath: dotnet\*.dll

Now define .NET tests beneath the page where the variables are defined. For example, the variables defined above set up the environment for ^SuiteAcceptanceTests (below).