FitNesse. PayrollTests.
AddAndPayTest [add child]

Simple Acceptance Test for Payroll

First we add a few employees.

id name address salary
1 Jeff Languid 10 Adamant St; Laurel, MD 20707 1005.00
2 Kelp Holland 12B Baker St; Cottonmouth, IL 60066 2000.00

Next we pay them.

Pay day.
pay date check number
1/31/2001 1000

We make sure their paychecks are correct. The blank cells will be filled in by the PaycheckInspector[?] fixture. The cells with data in them already will be checked.

Paycheck Inspector.
id amount number name date
1 1005      
2 2000      

Finally we make sure that the output contained two, and only two paychecks, and that they had the right check numbers.

Paycheck inspector.

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