FitNesse. SuiteAcceptanceTests. SuiteFixtureTests. SuiteGeneralFixtureSpec.
TestTackOnFixtureNotFixture [add child]

 Set Up: .FitNesse.SuiteAcceptanceTests.SetUp (edit)

When testing a table, if the first cell of the table refers to a class (after adding 'Fixture' to the end of the name) that does not extend Fixture, then the following message should appear in that cell:

Class fixtureName is not a fixture.

The !path must point to fitnesse.jar
WouldBeFixture is a real class, but is not a Fixture
Action fixture
start Page builder
enter attributes Test=true
enter line !path ./classes
enter line !path ./fitnesse.jar
enter line |!-fit.testFxtr.WouldBe-!|
enter page NotFixturePage

Response Requester
uri status?
NotFixturePage?test 200

Response examiner
type pattern matches? contents?
contents Class fit.testFxtr.WouldBeFixture is not a fixture. true