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TestMovePageWithManyLevelsOfSubPages [add child]

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BUG. Given A.B.C.D, moving A.B to A.E causes C and D to be deleted.

First build a page, a subpage to move, sub pages of the sub page, and a target page to move it to.

Page creator.
Page name. Page contents. valid?
ParentPage x true
ParentPage.ChildPage child page true
ParentPage.ChildPage.GrandchildPage grandchild page true
NewParentPage x true

Then move the entire tree beneath the target page.

Response Requester.
uri status?

Next fetch the moved page, and each of it's children. They should all be there.

Response Requester.
uri valid? contents?
NewParentPage.ParentPage true  
NewParentPage.ParentPage.ChildPage true  
NewParentPage.ParentPage.ChildPage.GrandchildPage true