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TestProtectedWidgetsAreNotRenamed [add child]

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Only true page references should be changed during a rename.

There are several widgets that contains strings that might match the pattern for a wiki word. When
a page is renamed, those strings should not be affected.

First build a page with lots of these protected widgets.

script Page Builder
line !path TargetPage
line !img
line {{{TargetPage}}}
line # TargetPage
line !-TargetPage -!
line this link should be renamed TargetPage
page ProtectedWidgetPage

Next create the target page.

Page creator.
Page name. Page contents. valid?
TargetPage whatever true

Then rename that page.

Response Requester.
uri status?

Next fetch the page.

Response Requester.
uri valid? contents?
ProtectedWidgetPage true  

Make sure that the new page name does not appear.

Response Examiner.
type pattern matchCount? wrapped html?
contents RenamedPage</a> 1