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TestUsenameInVersionList [add child]

 Set Up: .FitNesse.SuiteAcceptanceTests.SetUp (edit)
 Scenario Libraries
When using authentication, the username is recorded when the page is edited and is diplayed in the version list among other places.

First setup the Authentication module.
Authenticator Setup
username password status?
Aladdin open sesame  

Create a page to be requested.
Page creator.
Page name. valid?
FrontPage true

No save the page a couple times wih the user logged in. This will produce a version edited by the user.
Response Requester.
uri username password status?
FrontPage?responder=saveData&pageContent=hi+there&editTime=0&ticketId=0 Aladdin open sesame 303
FrontPage?responder=saveData&pageContent=by now&editTime=0&ticketId=0 Aladdin open sesame 303

Now load up the version list.
Response Requester.
uri username password status?
FrontPage?versions Aladdin open sesame 200

The user name will be in a <TD> element without any extra characters.
Response Examiner.
type pattern matches? contents?
contents >Aladdin< true