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TestCreatingRelativeSymbolicLink [add child]

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Creating a symbolic link is done in the properties view of the page that will contain the link. There is a form where a user supplies a name for the link and a path for the linked page. When submitted the URL has the following form:


First we need to create some pages to play with.
Page creator.
Page name. valid?
LinkingPage true
LinkedPage true

Now we create a symbolic link named SymLink. This links LinkedPage as a child of LinkingPage.
Response Requester.
uri status?
LinkingPage?responder=symlink&linkName=SymLink&linkPath=LinkedPage 303

Creating a symlink will redirect back to the properties page.
Response Examiner.
type pattern matches? contents?
contents Location: LinkingPage\?properties true  

Let's have a look at the properties view.
Response Requester.
uri status?
LinkingPage?properties 200

The newly created symbolic link will be listed along with a link to the linked page.
Response Examiner.
type pattern matches?
contents SymLink true
contents <a href=".LinkedPage">LinkedPage</a> true