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SimpleWidgets [add child]

 Scenario Libraries
widget should render
wiki text html text
normal text normal text
this is ''italic'' text this is <i>italic</i> text italic widget
this is '''bold''' text this is <b>bold</b> text bold widget
!c This is centered text <div class="centered">This is centered text</div>
!1 header <h1>header</h1>
!2 header <h2>header</h2>
!3 header <h3>header</h3>
!4 header <h4>header</h4>
!5 header <h5>header</h5>
!6 header <h6>header</h6>
http://files/x <a href="/files/x">http://files/x</a> file link <a href=""></a> http link
SomePage SomePage<a title="create page" href="SomePage\?edit&nonExistent=true">\[\?\]</a> missing wiki word
[[tag][WidgetPage]] <a href="WidgetPage">tag</a> link alias
[[tag][]] <a href="http://fitnesse\.org">tag</a> http link alias
[[tag][http://files/x]] <a href="/files/x">tag</a> files alias
!-This is literal text-! This is literal text simple literal
!-This is ''literal'' text -! This is ''literal'' text literal text with markup
This is normal, ''italic'', and '''bold''' text This is normal, <i>italic</i>, and <b>bold</b> text Mixed Italic and Bold
!note hello <span class="note">hello</span><br/>
{{{prefomatted text}}} <pre>prefomatted text</pre>
''x'' <i>x</i> ''David Hookers bug. Single character italics didn't parse correctly.''
--strike-- <span class="strike">strike</span>
!style_myStyle(hello) <span class="myStyle">hello</span>
!style_myStyle[hello] <span class="myStyle">hello</span>
!style_myStyle{hello} <span class="myStyle">hello</span>
WikiWord WikiWord<a title="create page" href="WikiWord\?edit&nonExistent=true">\[\?\]</a>
MdM MdM<a title="create page" href="MdM\?edit&nonExistent=true">\[\?\]</a>
AbCdEfGhIjKlMnOpQrTuVxYz AbCdEfGhIjKlMnOpQrTuVxYz<a title="create page" href="AbCdEfGhIjKlMnOpQrTuVxYz\?edit&nonExistent=true">\[\?\]</a>
TheNumber1 TheNumber1<a title="create page" href="TheNumber1\?edit&nonExistent=true">\[\?\]</a>
ParenT.ChilD ParenT.ChilD<a title="create page" href="ParenT.ChilD\?edit&nonExistent=true">\[\?\]</a>
^SubPage \^SubPage<a title="create page" href="WidgetPage.SubPage\?edit&nonExistent=true">\[\?\]</a> DEPRECATED
>SubPage >SubPage<a title="create page" href="WidgetPage.SubPage\?edit&nonExistent=true">\[\?\]</a>
This is text This is <a href=""></a> text email widget