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TestNormalListWithLeadingNumbers [add child]

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Normal lists with leading numbers

An old bug in Fitnesse. If you created a normal list with leading numbers in the text, the parser got confused and thought that the leading numbers were part of a numeric list.

A list created as follows
* 50 ways to leave your lover
should be rendered as a normal list with "50 ways to leave your lover" as the text of the list.
We use \ here as a way to capture the leading space before the *.
start Page Builder
line \ * 50 ways to leave your lover.
page NormalListWithLeadingNumericPage
Response Requester.
uri valid? contents?
NormalListWithLeadingNumericPage true  
Response Examiner.
type pattern matches? value
contents <li>50 ways to leave your lover.</li> true  

Response Examiner.
type number string?
line 1 <ul>
line 2 <li>50 ways to leave your lover.</li>
line 3 </ul>