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TestImportingSampleWiki [add child]

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Importing Sample Wiki

The Wiki Import feature is triggered by requesting a wiki page along with two parameters:

e.g. http://localhost/ImportingPage?responder=import&remoteUrl=

The .FitNesse.SampleWiki page will be used by these tests.

Create an importing page.
Page creator.
Page name. Page contents. valid?
ImportingPage !contents true

This ImportingPage will now import the SampleWiki page.
Response Requester.
uri valid?
ImportingPage?responder=import&remoteUrl=http://localhost:80/FitNesse.SampleWiki true

The above request will initiate a chunked response where all the imported pages are listed.
Response Examiner
type pattern matches? wrapped html?
contents ChildPageOne true  

Response Examiner
type pattern matches?
contents GrandChildPageOne true
contents GreatGrandChildPageOne true
contents ChildPageTwo true
contents GrandChildPageTwo true
contents ChildPageThree true

All the pages that were import can now be retrieved.
Response Requester.
uri valid?
ImportingPage.ChildPageOne true
ImportingPage.ChildPageOne.GrandChildPageOne true
ImportingPage.ChildPageOne.GrandChildPageOne.GreatGrandChildPageOne true
ImportingPage.ChildPageTwo true
ImportingPage.ChildPageTwo.GrandChildPageTwo true
ImportingPage.ChildPageThree true