FitNesse. UserGuide.
CommandLineArguments [add child]
-p <port> {80} 
The port number that FitNesse listens to. The default is 80 because this is the port that internet browsers use by default. If your machine already has a web server running, it will be using port 80, so FitNesse should be set up to use a different port, like 8080.
java -jar fitnesse.jar -p 8080
-d <path> {.} 
The directory in which FitNesse expects to find its page root. It defaults to the current directory ('.').
-r <path> {FitNesseRoot} 
The directory in which FitNesse looks for top level pages.
-l <path> {no logging} 
If this argument is not present, then FitNesse will not create log files. Otherwise it will create log files in the specified directory. See LogFiles.
-e <days> {14} 
Sets the expiration date for page versions. Any page version older that the number of days specified by this argument are considered to have expired. Expired pages are subject to deletion. Just when they are deleted is not specified.
When a new version of FitNesse is run for the first time, it checks the existing environment to see if any changes need to be made in order for the existing environment to be compatible with the new version of FitNesse. For example, if we change the icon on the upper right, FitNesse might go to the site and automatically download the new icon. Or if the format of the properties files, or of the wikipages changes, FitNesse might run through all the existing pages and update their format. This process is called updating. Sometimes you don't want updating to take place. If so, then use the -o argument to disable updating.
-a authentication-parameter
Enable authentication.
If the authentication-parameter is of the form "username:password" then single user authentication is enabled, and just that one user will be known to the system.
If the authentication-parameter is of the form "filename" then the file will be read. It will consist of any number of lines of the form username:password and all those users will be known to the system. See PasswordFile for more information