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TestActionFixture [add child]

An ActionFixture allows you to set values, get values and call methods repeatedly within the same fixture. The first row has one cell with "Action Fixture". The subsequent rows can have 2 or 3 cells:

start in the left most cell names the fixture that you'll test using ActionFixture[?]
check in the left most cell will test the value of the field named in the second cell with the value in the third cell
press will execute the method named in the second cell
enter will assign the value of the third cell to the the field or property named in the second cell

Action Fixture.
start Count Fixture
check Counter 0
press Count
check Counter 1
press Count
check Counter 2
enter Counter 5
press Count
check Counter 6

public class CountFixture : Fixture {
private int counter = 0;

public void Count() {

public int Counter {
set { counter = value; }
get { return counter; }

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