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TestFieldsPropertiesAndMethods [add child]

The DotNet FitServer allows you to assign values to public fields, properties or setter methods (methods that accept one argument and return void), and retrieve values from public fields, properties or getter methods (methods that return a non-void value and accept no arguments).

This way the business owners (who write the tables) need not concern themselves with implementation details, while developers (who write the fixtures) need not code to inadvertantly imposed business rules like whether a public member should be exposed through a method or a property.

string fixture
field field? property property? set get?
field value field value property value property value method value method value

public class StringFixture : ColumnFixture
public string Field;

public string Property
get { return propertyValue; }
set { propertyValue = value; }

public void Set(string value)
methodValue = value;

public string Get()
return methodValue;

private string propertyValue;
private string methodValue;
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