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FormattingOption class

The formatting is accomplished through a separate java class called fitnesse.runner.FormattingOption. The FormattingOption class takes the raw Result format data and sends it back to FitNesse along with a few parameters. FitNesse will perform the formatting return the formatted data. The data is then stored in a file. HTML and XML are the supported formats.

This architectures was chosen to reduce the amount of rework needed in alternate implementations of FIT. A TestRunner need only run the tests and save the results in a Result format. The FormattingOption program can be invoked alone to perform the additional formatting.
Also, it allow one to archive results in the Result format and decide at a later time which format should be used if any.

Usage: java fitnesse.runner.FormattingOption <result filename> <format> <output filename> <host> <port> <root path>
resultFilename: the name of the file containing test results
format: raw|html|xml|...
outputfilename: stdout|a filename where the formatted results are to be stored
host: the domain name of the hosting FitNesse server
port: the port on which the hosting FitNesse server is running
rootPath: name of the test page or suite page