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AddAndPayTest [add child]

Simple Acceptance Test for Payroll

First we add a few employees.

id name address salary
1 Jeff Languid 10 Adamant St; Laurel, MD 20707 1005.00
2 Kelp Holland 12B Baker St; Cottonmouth, IL 60066 2000.00

Next we pay them.

Pay day.
pay date check number
1/31/2001 1000

We make sure their paychecks are correct. The blank cells will be filled in by the PaycheckInspector fixture. The cells with data in them already will be checked.

Paycheck Inspector.
id amount number name date
1 1005      
2 2000      

Finally we make sure that the output contained two, and only two paychecks, and that they had the right check numbers.

Paycheck inspector.