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Symbols: Passing Data Between Test Tables

Sometimes you want to pass information between test tables. Let's say you added a record to a database, and the database automatically generated a key to that record. And lets say that in another table you wanted to use that key to fetch the record back. You can use symbols for this.

name date =key?
Bob today bobKey
Bill later billKey

In this table two records are added to the database. The keys for each record are saved in symbols named bobKey and billKey. The =key? header indicates that the output of the key() method of the fixture is to be stored in a symbol whose name is in the cell.

key= fetch() name date
billKey true Bill later
bobKey true Bob today

In this table the two keys are used to fetch the database records. The key= header indicates that the value of the symbol whose name is in the cell should be stored in the key variable of the fixture.