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We're going to be moving towards an aggregator, so I started my new blog at

Matters of Princple

Musings on principles of Object Oriented Design





09.15.2006 Quality Ensurance Thought for the day
07.31.2006 Development Time Dependency What do you call that other kind of dependency?
07.20.2006 Spec Organization The effects of thinking of specs as, well... specs
07.14.2006 The Occasional Reminder Do you remember why you started practicing TDD and refactoring?
07.09.2006 It Takes Two Exposing data is one offense, but the real violation is grabbing it
05.18.2006 Singular Responsibility  
03.26.2006 Using multiple fixtures Using test fixtures as they were inititially intended
03.24.2006 Bowling without prefactoring Avoiding the temptation of up front design when you're not really up front
03.03.2006 Bowling with rSpec The classic bowling game exercise with a twist
02.14.2006 We've Got Stories Bigger Than Your Iteration How do you measure points across teams?
02.10.2006 Keeping Infection in Check In every other context besides software, infection is bad.
02.05.2006 Testing Abstract Classes Comparing strategies to test common behavior
02.02.2006 Discovering Reuse Reuse is best discovered, not planned
02.01.2006 Fostering Credibility in Customer Tests Make sure your customer tests tell the truth
01.30.2006 Mock Observations Observations re: Hand Mocks vs Tool-Generated Mocks
12.28.2006 Dependency Injection Is Only Mostly Good Injecting dependency on factories is just Service Locator in disguise
12.11.2005 Boundaries of Coding for Testability Are tests and code under test the same? Do the same principles apply?
12.02.2005 Why Limit Fit FIT is for customers and xUnit for programmers, right? Well, why limit ourselves?
10.30.2005 Stop Mocking Me an experiment in hand coding mocks vs mock tools like NMock and Rhino
09.28.2005 Improvised Software - Version II - Iteration II stories are to the coder as the song is to the improvisor
09.16.2005 Manage dependencies, not aesthetics Our sense of smell is an important tool, but it sometimes can lead us down the wrong path
09.07.2005 Improvised Software - Version II - Iteration I Agile development is still like improvised music
04.11.2005 Improvised Software - Iteration One Agile development is like improvised music
04.08.2005 Fair Housing for Business Rules Business rules are implemented in the code, but they are expressed in the tests.
03.29.2005 Object Views Interfaces are to implementation classes like database views are to database tables
03.11.2005 Duplication between customer and programmer tests Why it's OK to test the same code in customer tests and unit tests.
12.31.2004 FitNesse And Hibernate How to test a Hibernate driven app using FitNesse