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What is the 'files' section?
The 'files' section is a directory where FitNesse keeps all of its non-wiki files such as images and other static files.

How do I access the FilesSection?
Simply add "/files/" on the end of the URL used to visit the FitNesse installation. To get to the 'files' section of the following url is used.

Notice that this looks like a directory listing. That is because the root of the FilesSection is a directory. By clicking on a directory or file you will be redirected to that selection. If it is a directory you will see a listing of its contents and if it is a file you will see the contents of the file.

In general FitNesse will serve files from the FilesSection like any other web server would.

How can I link to files in the FilesSection?
Any file located in the FilesSection can be linked to from any Wiki page. For example the link to the images directory would look like this:
Notice that there is no domain name in the URL. You could have put the domain name in like this:
But that would not be taking advantage of the shortcut we have provided.

Modifying the FilesSection?
When you view a directory in the FilesSection you will see several controls at the bottom of the page. They allows you to upload files from your hard drive to the current directory, add a new directory to the currrent directory, rename or delete an existing file.

This allows you to upload and manage special documents that may be related to your FitNesseTests and link to them from the appropriate page. You could also upload your most recent build to run tests against.