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MarkupInternalLink [add child]
You can make a link to another wiki page simply by stating the name of the wiki page. For example, the name of this page is MarkupInternalLink.

The name of a page has a special syntax known as a WikiWord. A WikiWord starts with a capital letter and has at least one more capital letter in it. Between the capitals there must be lower case letters or numbers. There cannot be two capitals in a row.


Wiki Words
Non-Wiki Words
BobMartin Bob
RobertCecilMartin hello
ObjecT Object
NumbersLike123AreAllowedNow Butnotlikethis123

If you place a WikiWord in the markup text, but no such page exists, then you will see something like this on the page:


If you click on the question mark it will create that page for you, and allow you to edit it.