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RowEntryFixture [add child]

A Fixture for entering rows of data.

Sometimes, as in the BuildOperateCheck pattern, we want to add a bunch of data to a database. Or sometimes we want to call a function over and over again with different arguments. This is often done in order to configure the system for a subsequent fixture that will run tests based upon the configured data.

We have seen examples where this was done with the help of a valid() function. For example the PayrollTests.AddAndPayTest page shows a typical ColumnFixture that uses a valid() function to enter employee data into a database.

RowEntryFixture is a better option in many cases.

public abstract void enterRow() throws Exception;
Override this function to add your row of data. Throw an exception if there are any problems.

Here is an example of a very simple RowEntryFixture:
public class RowEntryExample extends RowEntryFixture
public int v;
public void enterRow() throws Exception
if (v == 0)
throw new Exception("Oh, no! Zero!");

And here you can see it running.